Looking for an easy to reach, one stop tank container shop that is fully equipped with the latest on cleaning, heating and maintenance equipment? Then TechnoPort is your place of choice. In our brand new Moerdijk-facility we operate a highly sustainable tank container station with two dedicated, state-of-the-art chemical cleaning bays. Here we clean 20 and 40 ft chemical tank containers, trailers and chassis, tippers, garbage trucks, cool trailers, et cetera. All according to ECD – certificate on delivery - cleaning specifications and dried spotless with dried or heated air.


What applies to our chemical cleaning treatment, also goes for TechnoPort’s food container cleaning. In the totally separated, highly efficient food cleaning bay only food-approved chemicals are used to clean food containers according to EFCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations) and ECD specifications. Both certificates are dispatched upon delivery. TechnoPort is your reliable cleaning partner for the (also kosher) cleaning of 20 and 40 ft containers and all other sorts of food transportation. All dried with dried or heated air.


In TechnoPort’s dedicated heating bays, tank containers are heated with electricity, warm water or pressurized steam (ranging from 1.4 to 4 bars). The latest techniques are used to induce heat and steam as much as possible in an environmentally conscious manner. For instance by deploying funnel heat. The container heating process is completely computer monitorized and leaves no room for fluctuations.


Obviously both chemical and food tank containers are subject to the wear-and-tear of everyday use. Therefore they rely on thorough testing, (basic & extended) maintenance and necessary repairs to be in ship-shape condition for their next cargo. TechnoPort offers all possible m&r-services including the installation of modifications such as vapor return drains, hydrants, et cetera. All activities are executed in compliance with ITCO guidelines and can be carried out upon agreement, request or via estimate.


TechnoPort can provide sufficient space (15 000 m2) for the ADR- and/or Non ADR storage of empty or laden containers. Laden containers are translocated by a dedicated straddle carrier. An empty handler removes the empty units. Because of this equipment, storage yard traffic can be easily divided which leads to fast handling and reduces waiting periods to a minimum.


To complete our broad service-array, TechnoPort also provides several Nitrogen Purging techniques for replacing hazardous or otherwise unwanted atmospheres by an inert, or dried air. one. For instance by Nitrogen Purging for dew point or to reduce oxygen. Furthermore tank containers can be stored with dried air on 0,1 bar in order to avoid condensation. TechnoPort can also take care of on- and off- equipment hire and arrange shunting services from-and-to the Moerdijk depot.